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February 12, 2009

Chris Brown Miami incident MIA

Blog4chrisbrownNow that Chris Brown is in hot water, everything he's ever done in his short life thus far is coming out of the woodwork, especially those alleged incidents that have been swept under the rug which, to nobody's surprise, are coming up from that rug as fast as a bulimic's lunch. We asked the Miami Police Department if they recall any such incident where they were dispatched to The Shore Club back in 2007 to retrieve an irate Brown off his tantrum tree and, well, they don't. PIO Officer William Moreno told us that, "Unfortunately with such limited information we are unable to locate such incident." And we think we know why. That alleged incident was totally covered up when it happened. Not because Brown was such a big star, because he really wasn't, but more likely to spare the hotel any unnecessary grief after playing host to more than a handful of celebrity related incidents in the past. Who can forget the time when Suge Knight accidentally shot himself in the leg there during a 2005 VMA party? After that,  however, a teenage tantrum a la Brown's would seem rather insignificant. But that was then. This, sadly for him, is now.


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Did he destroy the hotel room or something? I never pictured him being so violent!


I think you hit on it with the word "teenage." These are children we're talking about, no matter how famous they are.


the cops came, the manager came and he was asked to leave. he paid the bill and left. dont think there was damage, just damage control!


Why did do the police find it "unfortunate" that they could not find record of a domestic incident? Where would the "fortune" be in finding such records?


If Chris Brown already paid for the damages, why you guys still bringing the pasts.Give him a break. my prayers go to you and your family I hope everything work out for you.

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