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January 04, 2009

Three to a Stall

GuesswhoYou'd never know it was 2009 judging by all the sightings we've been receiving from stars hanging out three to a bathroom stall---a pasttime that was pretty popular back in the 80s, when this A-list TV actress was just a teen. Alas, said TV actress, who is married and recently rumored to be with child or just chunky, was spotted with two other women in the bathroom stall at Casa Tua Friday night. Actress was with a recognizable local and one not so recognizable local. The star's husband was not with her, possibly because his job had him holding court in another city. As for what the trio was doing in the stall, let's think positively. Maybe they were all waiting for the results of a home pregnancy test.


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Who is Eva Longoria?

eden roc

Who is Vanessa Menkes?


name please...no teasing


It's called a blind item for a reason! You have to guess...:) Sorry!

no surprises here

The TV actress who was subject to recent preggers rumors: Eva Longoria

"Holding Court:" Basketball player husband San Antonio Spurs Tony Parker

one recognizable local: Loren Ridinger, known for her celeb jock sniffing a la J.Lo

Why were they in the bathroom stall?: the same reason Lindsay Lohan goes in there. sniff sniff

Thanks for the awesome down low lesley!

Sweet Valentine

The only local I can think of is Loren Ridinger. I'm surprised Paulina Rubio wasn't in the bathroom either.

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