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January 22, 2009

There's a joke in here somewhere.

Wpb1024x768Borscht Belter Jackie Mason was once again seen having a cup of coffee outside of Ghirardelli, where he seems to hang out on a daily basis, only this time he wasn't surrounded by admiring ladies of all ages, but a Chabad rabbinical student. As the student approached, Mason was overheard saying to his friend, "How do they always find me?" One clue, Jackie. Ghirardelli. Every. Day.


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I took my dad to see Jackie in NYC last June, and he was awful. He was off-off broadway, in a half filled theater with maybe 100 people in it, the other auditorium of the theater had a kids show going on at the same time. He was so unfunny and dated. Feh.

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