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January 02, 2009

Positive Results for Lindsay Lohan in 09?

Lindsay_lohan_samantha_ronson Sorry to disappoint all the hopeful fans of Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson out there, but as we said, all is not well between the two, especially with Lohan. In addition to the knockdown fight the duo had in the American Airlines Admirals Club at Miami International Airport yesterday and allegedly at Mansion on New Year's Eve, where we hear the fight continued all the way to the Gansevoort, where they were staying, we are receiving multiple reports of trouble in paradise for Lohan, starting with one report saying "I was at the Shore Club on the eve of the Eve and downstairs using the restroom, when the door flung open and in walked Samantha the DJ friend of 8 Ball Lohan. They both went directly into the last stall and were making obvious snorting sounds, when all of a sudden I hear one say, 'Not so loud.' Then it sounded as if someone lost their sushi." When Lohan said she was wishing for positive things in 09, we didn't think she meant urine tests. We wish the both of them best of luck for a different kind of positive, or rather, a negative 2009.


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Lies are now facts. Lohan is passed every single random drug test.

real deal

i can not confirm whether or not lindsay was using drugs. i know for a fact samantha was. linday is trying to clean up her drug act and yes she is passing her drug tests. BUT she is drinking AND it was Lindsey who beat samantha at Gansevoort South on the 31st. they are the white lesbian version of bobby and whitney.


Lesley, are you this hard up for gossip that you print this uncollaberated bull shit?
Get a life.


samantha doing drugs, how do you know!?


LOL... "I know for a fact"

Well... I know "for a fact" you are perezhilton ugly relative and also a hallucinating dog... How is that to be know "for a fact"??? LOL

You're too much to be called just stupid...


OMG..the white lesbian version of Whitney and Bobby....Genius!

People, y'all need to stop taking this so personally...

real deal

hey marina you dont have to insult me. i am not related to perez hilton. i am just a lucky nye visitor to sobe who happened to be a guest at the right hotel at the right time.


Lesley they aren't taking it personally, they are taking it obsessive stalker-y... John Hinkley Jr says hi to Tom!!!

Lesley Abravanel

Total Hinkley Jr! Yikes!

Note to Real Deal: email me please. i see you know the address . wink.

the lover

As someone said, please someone introduce Lindsay Lohan to Megan Fox and/or Olivia Wilde. Many men, including me, would be much more interested.

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