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January 23, 2009

Matt Damon's bored ultimatum

Jogging8Everyone wonders why Matt Damon never goes out on weekends when he's living in Miami Beach. Now, our esteemed colleague, TV critic Glenn Garvin, uncovers the real reason, and it's actually hilarious, not to mention a dig at our city's somewhat amateurish or ambitious, depending on how you look at it, paparazzi.


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You may think the paparazzi in miami are amateurish, which most of them are no doubt. BUT I think you don't see Matt Damon because HE ISN'T WORTH ANYTHING TO THE MAGAZINES. If he were you may see the paparazzi with some skills actually get photos of him. But, sorry to tell you paparazzi don't take photos of celebrities you can only sell 1 in 1,000 frames just so the public can "see" matt damon.
feel free to print the correction


He sure talks like a very educated boy but matt may find that his high and mighty comments will lead to a few photographers camping outside his home for a little while, despite the low value of his pictures. did they ever teach you the phrase "too clever for your own good" at harvard, matty boy? i hope he likes them apples. and if he thinks miami paps have day jobs, he really doesn't understand who these people are, at all... in fact he is missing the point altogether! good interview though, good work glenn

Bouring Identity

It seems as if our "home town" hero Matt Damon was apparently blathering in poor taste about the 007 films. So, his next film is on hold because of it's huge budget (read studio execs are weary he can sell the tickets) BUT instead of facing the fact he has doomed himself (boring on purpose guy) he's placed his anger at the 007 franchise. boo-hoo! Attacking the hugely successful Bond series isn't very nice of him.
I'll bet Matt Damon will be seen around Miami very soon. (wink) maybe he will venture out on the weekends?
Sorry Damon, I think your arrogant comments during your interviews won't sit well with the "cogs" of the "machinery" you want to flip back on now that the movie houses have more or less told you no. I think you underestimated those day-job paparazzi guys. Damon DOES miss the point. He blames the paparazzi, when they are nothing more than the instruments of a much larger agenda of promotion etc. Yeah, blame the middle-man. No surprise he dropped out of Harvard. Though, Ill bet he thinks reading Howard Zinn's audio book fooled us all? Tisk tisk mr. Damon you are filled with childish contradictions.

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