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January 26, 2009

Matt Damon lied. He does go out on weekends.

Mattvideo1_468x326Although he told Miami Herald TV critic Glenn Garvin he doesn't' go out on weekends to avoid paparazzi, Matt Damon hung out at White Room's Pop Life Saturday night for nearly three hours. He was with a group of 10 people and they occupied an outside corner for the duration. He may have been there to hear guest DJ JD Sampson of Le Tigre, or he just wanted to get the heck out of his North Bay Road compound for a change. To his credit, no paparazzi got his picture because, well, paps aren't known to hang out at the White Room. Until now.


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I know! I was there! I wanted to text you or e-mail you from there, but alas I didn't have your contact info handy. Talk about the oddest celebrity spotting EVER. Last odd sighting I had was when Ryan Gosling walked in the Mark on South Beach.

Lesley Abravanel

Totally random, huh? I remember the Gosling sighting too! Maybe you are the new celeb magnet..hmmm


Miami Bro blogged about her encounter with him at the White Room: http://miamibro.blogspot.com/2009/01/matt-damon-hates-my-guts-and-i-hate-his.html


REALLY? What color socks was he wearing? Does he hold his drink in his right hand or left? Are both his earlobes the same size? MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!


who cares????

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