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December 22, 2008

Will Sam Ronson and Lindsay Lohan be too exhausted for Mansion duties on New Year's?

Dsc_11611Samantha Ronson was briefly hospitalized Sunday afternoon for "exhaustion/ Ronson is out and fine, according to her post on MySpace, saying "I'm home and all good. Was just pretty exhausted from traveling and working too much to buy Chanukah gifts and my Jewish mother was worried about me." Ronson says she is recovering with "Good company and a Jerry's Deli delivery of chicken soup and potato pancakes." According to Opium Group mouthpiece Vanessa Menkes, "Regardless of whatever is going on they are both coming" for their New Year's stint at Mansion.

Photo: Seth Browarnik


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Kim Crawford,M.D.

It is a shame that all of these young,wild actresses are partying it up with drugs and alcohol and then are being hospitalized for yea,right,exhaustion. What do you think?
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