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December 10, 2008

Ocean Drive Mag: the new regime

Press_oceandriveA big change is in store for Ocean Drive Magazine effective immediately with the new editor, former Inside/Out editor Sarah Harrelson. Originally, Harrelson was offered the position when Carlos Suarez and Glenn Albin were set to move to New York to head up Niche Media. That move did not happen, and while Harrelson remains the new editor, Albin and Suarez are no longer with the company. "When Jason [Binn] and I started Ocean Drive, all we wanted was for Sarah Goldsmith (now Harrelson) to be our editor, " says Powers, "And she declined because we were new. We were so excited when she came on board in 2007 and we are thrilled to have her now, 16 years later, as the editor of Ocean Drive. Sarah will set the tone for the magazine and oversee the look and feel and the content." As for Powers' powers at the mag? "I will continue to be very involved in the art direction, layout and covers." We wish them the best of luck!


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Why is there a photo of Andre Balazs and his wine displayed with this post? That's weird. Did you think that was a photo of Glenn Albin?


Not so much anon. I used it because it said Ocean Drive Buzz....

Cyn. Zarco/Ocean Drive Contributing Editor/Photographer 93-95

When Jason Binn & Jerry Powers knocked off Hamptons magazine by launching Ocean Drive in January '93, Sarah Goldsmith was still a junior in college at NYU.

She wasn't even on Miami’s journo map until 2000 when she did her stint as editor of Miami Metro magazine.

I don’t know what Jerry Powers is trying to spin here (laying off Glenn Albin and belittling his work?), but Powers said the exact same thing about Glenn to South Florida Business Journal in ‘96 when he hired him 12 years ago.

Then again, maybe he's psychic.


Note to Sarah: Take the money & run!

Cyn. Zarco
Contributing Editor/Photographer
Ocean Drive, 1993-95


Cyn Zarco??? Didn't she used to be....N O B O D Y...How dare this non entity attack a Magazine (which wisely got rid of her) that has not only been successful but helped put South Beach in the magazine publishing galaxy. It is so 80's for a wanna be loser to piggy back her misery onto a current issue....

Miami Danny

Oh the publishing biz in this town is just chock full of wacky characters! The phrase "magazine publishing galaxy" made me grin-isn't that the galaxy that can't be found with the naked eye? C'mon, relax. Have fun with it. Go powder your nose, Dorothy, the '80's never left Miami...

cyn. zarco

Note to David:

Hey, Joe. Nobody here.

Where is that magazine publishing galaxy exactly? Enquiring minds want to know.


Go back under your rock. Or better yet, do something constructive with your time--like helping a worthy cause instead of running your big fat mouth against others in a lame attempt to promote yourself. Its pathetic. You can blast Jerry all you want. He is a success and you aren't. Deal with it, or change it with real work not your vicious attacks. You only made everyone remember how vile a person you are and why you were sent out to pasture by every magazine you ever worked for!

cyn. zarco

Thanks for the career counseling, Jer, er, Dave, but, it aint about me. Nice try, though.

Bottom line is the facts, just the facts:

1)What kind of severance deal has Powers/Binn/Niche made with ex-exec editor Glenn Albin & ex-art director Carlos Suarez?

2)Is it commensurate to time served, or are these two getting shafted and shaved ( i.e., ex-managing editor of 12 years Eric Newell and other “redundant” Niche staffers) for wanting their jobs back after “transferring” to CEO Jason Binnland/Niche corporate in New York where the missus runs the editorial department? Yes, that move did happen.

3)Were Albin & Suarez really “promoted” or set up to quit? Now that titles Inside Out, Atlanta Peach and Philadelphia Style have folded, was this just another sneaky Niche ploy to cut corners?

That’s the real business story the Herald should be inking. No charge.

Lesley Abravanel

Hey guys..stop fighting...OD has no word on Glenn Albin or Suarez..Eric Newill, however, will be remaining and working w Harrelson.....


Yea, the 80's were so 80's. Came right after the 70's when there were a few of us who moved to MB among the Marialitos and crack heads and the beautiful old dying Jewish communists from NY. We took over the old buildings, evicted the rats, and created the MB art movement that had it's best decade from 1985 to 1995.
I can only speak about music. Virtually every avant-garde composer and musician played MB then. They came because there was a small group of us who knew how to make something out of nothing - sometimes with the help of a little grant money, but often with our own money. A certain Cyn Zarco was there for it all and had some part in making it happen. I don't recognize anyone else's name here.
I'm not going to waste keystrokes on this stupid conversation to list the artists, it's all history for those interested in finding out. I'm busy preparing my archive of that era. Suffice it to say that real creative music was happening almost all the time here during that time.
Then came the speculators and success measured by profit and glamor and OD and so forth. Hey, everybody's got to be somewhere.
We all knew that Miami Beach was beautiful, even when noone would come here, when it was aging and decrepit. When something is intrinsically beautiful, someone is going to figure out how to make money from it.
But now that money defines sucess, there is no - repeat - no creative music scene in South Florida. (MTT and the New World Symphony is always and exception, but that's a different story.)
All this shit is irrelevant. The only reason I'm at this blog is because of the research for my archive project. Cyn Zarco's name came up with Ornette and Denardo Coleman.
Just a bunch of nobodys.


Who cares about what happened in the 80's?? This is 2008. Cyn is a miserable person with clearly lots of time on her hands wondering about OD and its staff. (Ask them if they are wondering about her or her home made blog) Instead of bashing someone, why not try and do something in 2008? Fact is Cyn Zarco is not a name anyone looks back on with anything but repulsion.

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