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December 29, 2008

A fascinating, historic sighting at Jazid

Colombian-French politician, former senator, activist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Ingrid BetancourtDsc_0134, who was kidnapped by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia in 2002 and was rescued by Colombian security forces six and half years later in July, 2008, was seen hanging out at Jazid Saturday nightDsc_0138, where her son Lorenzo Delloye-Betancourt was playing the guitar with Miami band Green Room along with Betancourt's nephew, singer Jorge Mejia. Dsc_0142According to spies it was a "very interesting evening." Absolutely. It's not every day you get a Nobel nominee hanging out on South Beach.

Photos: Daniel Wohlstein, Jazid.


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Wow!! Ive seen it all!!

Seb Jaramillo

Nobel Nominee?? Please maybe Nobel Rumoree ... if was just a rumor she was never a candidate for a Nobel prize nor did she ever deserve one


From December 3, 2008

Former Colombian hostage Ingrid Betancourt says she feels uncomfortable that Chile's president has nominated her for the Nobel Peace Prize.

President Michelle Bachelet says Chile is nominating Betancourt because "she is an example of courage for our entire continent."

The two spoke after a meeting on Wednesday.

Betancourt says the nomination "makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable" because she has "no credentials" for the prize. But she says she will try to live up to the honor of the nomination.

Alejandro Varon

I think Betancourt doesn’t represent the Colombian common people. She is from elite that doesn’t know what is the reality of most of the people, and she doesn’t lend a hand to them.

The Colombians don’t like her, because they helped her while she was kidnapped, and now she is free, but she doesn’t help the Colombian people, and better she starts a celebrity kind of life.


Why such a sour grape Seb? Ingrid is a world wide symbol of survival and hope, don't let your wacky political sunglasses cover that up.

Seb Jaramillo

Wacky political sunglasses? Not at all ... compare what she has done to any other Nobel peace prize winner or candidate and as she said, her credentials dont come close at all. I feel bad about what happened to her, but she went through the same situation hundreds of Colombian's have gone through.

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