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November 13, 2008

The truth may hurt many

N743277419_989120_3606We can't wait for the new book by author Steven Gaines. Its title alone speaks scary (for many) volumes: Fool's Paradise--- Players, Poseurs and the Culture of Excess in South Beach. This may be one book most media magnets (not magnates) here may not want to appear in.


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Sounds interesting. Do you know what it is about exactly?


I do but all info is embargoed till Jan. Gaines speaks at the Miami Book Fair on Sunday...


Gaines speaks at the Miami Book Fair on Sunday!

Mountain Top

My inside information is that he trashes the likes of Thomas Kramer, want-a-be Michael Capponi among others as complete fakes & phonies....who could never exist anywhere else in the world for long. The real Stand Out star of the book is going to surprise everyone.

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