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November 03, 2008

The fault of the house of Usher?

Ushermm01We hear that R&B star Usher, who is the sole musical headliner at the much anticipated Victoria's Secret fashion show at the Fontainebleau on November 15, tried unsuccessfully to get into Miami doctor Lenny Hochstein's Sunset Island Halloween party Friday night because it was so packed. According to a spy, "It was such a madhouse at the door and Usher couldn't get in." Spy also tells us that if Hochstein knew Usher was there, of course they would have let him in. Or perhaps it was just someone in a really convincing costume?


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2ton tony



Regardless, I'm sure he (Usher) had better places to go for entertainment!


Who cares?? By the way...WTF is "usher?" Can't possibly be that big a deal.


Attention white people: Usher is a very talented artist who makes great music. sorry he hasn't done some of the crazy stuff to embarrass himself that you're used to from your stars.

fair and balanced

but once again no posts about the A-list rally this weekend that featured beyonce, jay z, mary j blige and diddy. i guess because there was no drama or someone cancelling because they were sick it doesnt make the blog. instead we get a post about someone not being able to get in to a party. very 2005 lesley.

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