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November 25, 2008

Madonna and estranged brother to reconcile in Miami?

293_madonna_ciccone_061108It was never a secret that Madonna's brother, Christopher Ciccone, didn't get along with his ex-bro-in-law Guy Ritchie. Just read Chris's scathing tell all Life With My Sister Madonna and you'll understand (at least from his perspective) why bro and sis were on the outs. But now that Madge is divorcing Guy, it seems that she has extended the proverbial olive branch to brother Chris and has reportedly invited him to her last concert tomorrow night at Dolphin Stadium in the hopes that the two can bridge their rift and heal their wounds. We already that Madge has been making amends over cocktails with ex hubby number one Sean Penn. Can a reconciliation with ex best friend Sandra Bernhard be far away? Probably.


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Martin Haro

Madonna should kiss and Kabblah-make-up with Sandra Bernhard. SB was so much more interesting and better cultural influence on M than anyone in her current entourage....

Fly on the wall

The real thorn in Madonna's side is that girl Ingred, who makes a living being associated with Madonna. I read Chris' book and everyone knows how two-faced Ingred is. She is like the kid in school who pretended to be your friend just to gather information and run behind your back and tell on you. When will A-Rod open his eyes and see what a conniving little snake Ingred is? Madonna already knows the truth.

rug munching

ingrid is the best.


Ingrid is boring and uninteresting. Sandy is way cooler and way more fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnn!

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