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November 28, 2008

Madonna and A-Rod hook up at concert after party

01_arodmadonna_lg So here you have it. The official word on the Madonna Sticky and Sweet after party on Wednesday night. Hosted by Madge BFF Ingrid Casares and Fontainebleau owner Jeff Soffer at his Indian Creek manse, the party's guest list included Pharrell, Timbaland, A-Rod and his and Madge's manager, Guy Oseary. Food was catered by Fontainebleau restaurant Scarpetta, with sushi from Blade.  Of course we know you don't care who catered the party, but what went on inside, and whether or not Madonna and A-Rod made out or something. Use your imagination on that one. According to our inside (literally) source, "We all danced and partied until 5 a.m. Beyond that I can't divulge any more." No need. We got the picture, although wouldn't it be amusing if, after all the hype, Madonna was really hooking up with Soffer? Hmmm....


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keep up

new york daily news reports that a-rod, madonna, and gwyneth paltrow were at soffer's for thanksgiving


Lesley Abravanel

Could be...not sure about Gwyneth tho! Thanks


talking about starting cheese without using any milk

Reality Bites

Ingrid Casares...yawn, yawn. How long is she going to play the Madonna BFF card and accomplish something--anything--on her own. It may have been cute 13 years ago, now it is just pathetic. Come on Ingrid, pick a worthy cause and help others inside of your silly ego,

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