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November 27, 2008

A-Rod played the field at Madonna concert

Usmagazinejuly2008Contrary to what his ex wife Cynthia said, player Alex Rodriguez sure didn't seem to lack any soul at Madonna's final leg of her Sticky & Sweet concert last night at Dolphin Stadium. While the diva kept her 50,000+ fans waiting for over two hours, A-Rod made his rounds on the floor, sporting a white T-shirt with grey sweater tossed over his shoulders, making sure everyone there noticed him. He waved at fans, said hi to friends and pretty much made it as obvious as could be that he was in the house. While we're not sure what his Thanksgiving plans are today, we are certain that he wanted to be seen last night, which was a pretty blatant display of something.


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Blatant display of no class, but that's par for the course in anything madonna related.


Sounds too blatant as if they were playing a game of "lets give them something to talk about" to me.


It's called "Causing a Commotion."

It was their coming out party...arent you pleased they chose Miami to unofficially oficial?

who cares

Is this what the Miami Herald should be doing? Should I belive your reporting on world events when you're creating rumors about celebrities??? No wonder subscriptions are down and nobody believes you.

jon becka

ok i was sitting right behind him .. he didn't wave to anyone ... and he wasn't waving to fans or trying to make it obvious.. hell he knows people why can't he talk to people he knows... he seemed very nice... and down to earth... and when madonna did the concert her and her friends *including A ROD* ... all do two shots ... UMPAAAA ... the show was amazing... was glad to see rod stewart there and daisy fuentes... and of course the rod man...


Jon--before he sat, he walked around and waved...I was right there...:)


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