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October 21, 2008

Trouble for Anna and Enrique?

P1_enrique Maybe the comments we overheard Anna Kournikova saying the other night about being a prisoner in her own home weren't meant to be funny. According to our Windy City windbag, Enrique Iglesias was at a Chicago club at the end of September and before arriving at the club, one of his handlers called the place "To make sure there was plenty of, and I quote, 'hot ass' there." When Iglesias hit the club, he was, according to our spy, "Flirting with a blond girl at the bar for most of the night and then fist pumping it at his table with all the ladies." Flirting, we get, but fist pumping? C'mon Enrique, you should know better.


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Hi Lesley,

Thanks for the news..well that's Enriques
'normal' behaviour when he's on tour.
As a non-American could you explain what
'fist-pumping' means?


if he is cheating on her that's good .she cheated on husband before .that would give her own dose of medicine.i i hope she will fall apart just like britney spears when enriqiue dumps her.


Anyone want to give a good explanation of fist pumping besides "spastic, overexcited air boxing"?


Does it have anything to do with girls' breasts in this case? And why do you think Enrique should know better, he is a guy after all


good point, F!


I like your sense of humour !
Well yeah Enrique is kind of geeky ;).
Maybe they were calling that club for some of his band members,doesn't have to mean much.


"Doesn't have to mean much"? "Normal" behavior when he's on tour? That sounds like a lot of excuses. Kournikova is an idiot for dating a guy who'd rather be with strangers at a club instead of her.


Enrique Iglesias is just to much for her, and Anna yes, she is cute, but Enrique is a Super Star he is realy talented and great, he is the man, and Anna she is just a beautiful girl without talent.... Enrique is better than her, he could have someone better than Anna K

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