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October 27, 2008

Tila death do they part?

200881553912e3e0353f20e24a89a0bbe03Tila Tequila and girlfriend Courtenay Semel celebrated the internet virus's 27th birthday at Karu & Y Saturday night. The couple arrived at 1 a.m and partied until the club closed down at 5. Appropriately enough, according to a source, the two were downing shots of Patron every half hour and sipping on champagne in between.  Unable to keep their hands off each other, both made sure to not let a moment go by without holding hands, grabbing butts or laying on top of each other on the VIP couches. And sorry Lindsay Lohan, your ex special friend Semel might beat you and Samantha Ronson to the altar.  At one point in the night, Tila picked up the microphone to introduce the DJ and proceeded to also scream out to the crowd, "I am having so much fun right now. Everyone take your clothes off," and finished by saying "I'm going to ask Courtenay to marry me tonight!"