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October 09, 2008

Spite party?

Fighting1bThere's apparently a huge battle going on between the promoters of the White Party and some newish blood planning a similar AIDS fundraiser on the same night. According to our sources, it seems that Miami's own Alan T., DJ Peter Rauhofer and Offer Nissim are producing their own party at Mansion on Sunday, November 30. That's the same night as Noche Blanca, a White Party-sanctioned event, which this year is being held at Cameo. The White Party folks at Care Resource aren't happy at all, saying "This is yet another time our community sees someone arrive in town and capitalize on what our not-for-profit-agency has spent years building to benefit our HIV positive community . . . There are so many other weekends when talent could come to our great city, produce a great party . . .And be most welcome." As unhappy as Care Resource is, we are now  hearing that the Elton John Foundation is getting involved as the beneficiary in the Rauhofer party. Rauhofer offers his own email rebuttal, saying "When White Party approached me again this year to participate I decided to do so only if they finally revealed where the profit distribution [of the White Party] goes or at least how much of a percentage they actually donate. They again refused to give out any information . . . With no malicious intent, I've decided to throw my own event in Miami without the benefit of sponsorships or charging outlandish entry fees . . . I'm also covering all costs out of my own pocket . . . At the end of the day, we are not forcing anybody to attend our event. I find more comfort in the fact that I am still contributing to people with HIV/AIDS and at the same time giving everyone a choice to decide for themselves which organization is more reputable and where their money should go." Not that anyone asked, but we think the more the merrier--especially for such a worthy cause. But according to insiders, the fighting is getting really dirty, almost as dirty as the presidential election. Only it's up to you to decide who's being the Obama and who's being the McCain.

Update: Three hours after this item's posting, we received "the first in a series of informational and educational updates from Care Resource," which explains its 25 years of service to the community and reveals its annual budget of $8 million. "That's a lot of growth, by any standard," executive director Rick Siclari says. "It is the kind of growth in the not for profit sector which generally comes to those who provide important and needed services in a good and competent way." The letter goes on to explain that Care Resource does "not 'donate' monies to others. The monies we secure are, in turn, used to care for our clients, assisting us in providing them the services they need." Siclari says they operate over 22 programs and services, all funded by grand monies. "Every funder we have requires us to submit extensive reports at various intervals. In addition to this, they regularly come to our agency to review our records. " For those who want to know more about where the money from the White Party among other things goes, a copy of their audit is available on the website, www.careresource.org.