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October 21, 2008

Madonna: what's old is new again

Madonna20prettyForget A-Rod. Rumors are now flying that Madonna is trying to rekindle her relationship, or alleged relationship, with former Miami club kingpin Chris Paciello. According to blog TheBosh.com, a source claims Madonna has been flying to Paciello's home in Miami to rekindle things in between shows on her Sticky and Sweet tour. For one, Paciello no longer has a home in Miami. His brother Keith, co-owner of South Beach hot spot Bella Rose, lives here, but Chris lives in LA. The blog also says Madonna put up the bail when Paciello was arrested on suspicion of beating up a man in Hollywood, CA over the summer. According to very reliable sources, she did nothing of the sort. Another shady source told the UK's Daily Star "Chris was in trouble again earlier this year, and it was Madonna he turned to for help then. They've remained close, and they are in constant touch wherever she is in the world." They also say that Paciello and Madge were both staying at the same Toronto hotel yesterday. We so don't buy this.


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Have people forgotten what Madonna is really like. She's a super sex freak, check out anything from the 80's and 90's. Her whole fortune was made off of B- records and selling sex. Now that the marital chains are off, her old sex drive is now out of control again.

Anonymous 'Cause She'll Beat Me Up

Everyone knows the only person Madonna would fly into town to see is her main man, Ingrid Kiss-Her-Ass.
Plus, the only place Madonna flies to after concerts on the East Coast is her pad in NYC.

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