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October 27, 2008

He's Matt Damon and he approves this message.

Matt Damon joined the March for Change on Miami Beach today, encouraging early voting, especially for his candidate of choice, Ben Affleck Barack Obama. See Matt walk. See Matt walk with dogs. See Matt sporting political stickers. See a bona fide A-lister in Miami for a change indeed.

Dsc_0143 Dsc_0145 Dsc_01419 Dsc_01510 Dsc_01514 Photos: Manny Hernandez


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Obama/Ben Affleck.....cheap shot.
shame on you.


Tom, why is it a cheap shot? I take it your not as offended at some of the very malicious and even silly remarks made by the liberal media at Sarah Palin, which some even involve her innocent children..."Do as I say not as I do", should be the DNC's campaing slogan... Have a sense of humor!



Obama/Biden 08!!!

D. Marino

Good point, Frank. I too am scratching my head at Tom's in depth comment. He goes on and on for paragraphs. I wish he just stop typing already and give us a chance to read and understand his post.

Note to Tom: next time you feel like posting on a message board, put head your down and take a few minutes to rest. Think about what you are going to say and then intelligently write it down.

Nobody is going to take you serious with a, to quote a fat pig radio host called Limbaugh, "drive by comment".

Mike Del Marmol


He's right, let's have a sense of humor about it. I just hope Frank has the same positive attitude next wednesday morning if things don't go the way he wants them too.

Obama/Biden/Affleck '08


Annoying when actors become activits I.E. physco scientologist Tom Cruise, they need to stick to acting and keep their opinions to themselves. Their are too many stupid people that will manipulated on either side.


who cares, who does aniston endorse? she's the key to everything.


Hahahaahah, Snoozer, I agree. I think Aniston endorses John for Mayer.


Good one, Lesley. I don't object to celebrities as activists, when they support a cause and know they stuff.
Not the case with Dufus Damon. He should stand and be counted, with his mouth closed, so we couldn't see how incredibly uninformed he is.


Matt Damon is my lovely actor, and Obama win, so I wish good luck to my lovely American actor.

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