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October 20, 2008

Anna Kournikova: a prisoner in her own home?

121030_f520Seen having dinner outside at Big Pink Saturday night: a makeup-less, dressed down Anna Kournikova, with a bevy of Russian speaking friends and family drinking champagne. We overheard Kournikova saying "I can't drink anymore," and that she is a "prisoner in her own house." Of course we have no idea what the real context of the convo was, but it sure was enough to make us perk up from our grilled cheese. When someone mentioned having kids to her, she replied, "I already have a kid." We can only assume she cheekily meant boyfriend Enrique Iglesias, who was not there. Or not. Who knows.


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Hi Lesley,

Any idea what all this could mean?
Are you sure they are even still together?


Hey F: no clue what it means because i only caught those sentences..didn't hear the entire conversation...she could have been and likely was joking....Yes, they are still together as far as we know. They had dinner togehter a few weeks ago. He is on tour now, so that's probably why he wasn't with her!


Yeah but that tour ended on Oct 5 and he is
now off promoting in Europe


OH BOO HOO...Which one of her homes? The one here or the ones overseas or in La or NY or....

Rico Suave

She can stay en mi casa, con un hombre mucho macho, ni con ese moddie cone


Must be running out of money pretty soon....
Where does her money come from now that the tennis done??


whe she said "i have a kid" i guess she meant her little brother.she calls him her kid.


who cares about anna and enrique.


Me, I care, I'm fan of Anna... Somehow, I don't know why she still dates a person who's never really there... Always traveling... Often seen with other girls... Why did she say she feels like a prisonner? Probably he asks her not to go out when he's not in town? oO
About the kid part, he surely is an imature kid...


well sidney anna is just paying a price for what she did to sergei fedorov.what goes around comes around.


what anna looks like without a makeup.still pretty or is she better looking with makeup?


She looked good. Plain, but good. My husband, however, disagreed, and said not so much.


that mesans is not really dropdead georgeous.
is she skinny.


that means she's not really dropdead gorgeous.
is she skinny?


she isn't anna-rexic..she is slim...she was wearing loose fitting clothing but looked in fine shape!

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