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September 26, 2008

Miami: Sin City of the South, literally?

Word on the streets is that some people are pushing for bona fide casinos in downtown Miami and on Miami Beach. Gambling1xWe've gone through this before with Donald Trump and it didn't work out, but who knows? With the economy the way it is right now, why not open more places where people can lose their life savings? What do you guys think?

Meanwhile, for those who like to play with pretend money, pretending that the abysmal real estate biz is booming, Monopoly is introducing a new Miami and the Beaches special edition, in which players (and there are many in this town) can own and sell hot spots like Vizcaya, The Clevelander and even Ocean Drive. Playing cards include typical Miami behavior like partying too much during the Winter Music Conference and selling artwork at Art Basel. To order the game, go to www.monopolymiami.com. Monopolylowres