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August 13, 2008

Y'All Called It: Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer Are Kaput

JanistonjenniferanistonjohnmayerWe broke the story of Jennifer Aniston diddling around with John Mayer many months ago when the two were spotted together at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink. And now the cycle is broken. According to People Mag, the couple is no more, despite all the tabloids' screaming headlines that Aniston was ready to have Mayer's big headed baby. Frankly, if it's true, it lasted longer than we expected. Speaking of big stories that died fast--how  bout that Madonna/A-Rod nonsense? Much ado about nothing, just like AniMayer, we guess.


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Remember when you guys broke the news? I feel like reminscing.


I remember too. Lesley being booted from places by Aniston's beefy security guy...the taunting from said guard on the blog...it's all coming back to me now.


Misty water colored memories...of the way we were....


Why did you get kicked out Lesley? That's not too nice!


oh, awww, it was ok..it was part of the fun....


The Madonna/ARod stuff died down because it didn't help Madonna's flop album turn around and start selling so she's strategizing her next shallow press grab.

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