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August 14, 2008

For Fifty Bucks, Loftin's Casa Es Su Casa

VersacemansionEver wondered what really goes on inside Casa Casuarina, a.k.a. the Versace mansion? Now, for $50, you, too, can get a piece of the alleged action as owner Peter Loftin opens his house up for the Magical Mystery Mansion Tour, where from August 18-September 30, strangers can stroll the manse in a 45 minute guided tour. What gives? Does Loftin need the money? We asked publicist Susan Brustman what the deal was and she told us "Revenues go back to Casa Casuarina, to help offset costs of maintaining the property and keeping it pristine and beautiful. They can make the profits from a month of tours on one or two paid events. We're just so happy they're opening to the public, offering something new, educational and breathtaking to tourists and locals on Miami Beach." In these tough times we can't think of anything better to do with fifty bucks than to tour someone else's house, can you?


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As long as mr. loftin doesn't give it to me. I hear he do bad things to a girl he once gave a guided tour...


better loftin than the slimy, ponytail guy who tells you that he lives there and acts like he owns it


Wouldn't pay 5 bucks to get in!


You don't have to pay anything ...just go to You Tube and see all the wild pool parties for free!


hey, check out tmz and its story on NY/MIA sleezeball, drug pusher, and mafioso, Chris Paciello.


OMG!!!! I know the little guy with the ponytail that you're talking about. He hit on me twice with the same line, "I live at the Versace Mansion, do you want to see it?".... Perhaps the biggest cheeseball I've ever met. First time at Casa Tua then at the Victor, I got the line and he combined it with an unwelcomed shoulder massage. Blew him off by telling him I'd been there for a wedding in Jan and, though it was beautiful, didn't need to see it again. He must not have "lived" there that long as he didn't realize that my friends rented all of the rooms for their wedding. Beautiful place that is worth the price of the tour, but maybe they should evict their greasy tenant


The owner has his days numbered before that inbred cross of Danny Devito and Joe Pesci looking guy with the pony tail everyone is talking about gets him a lawsuit! I know who he is...I walk by the house alone or with my boyfriend all the time when I go to work and that sleezeball hits on me all the time. Making the house look like a bordello! Where has the class gone? All those parties I use to see Gianni throw, and even a few years back it was still a bumpin place. I now have to walk on the opposite side of the street...with my luck, he'll read this and hang out with the parrots under the large seagrape tree and try to convince other women to go in...Disgusting......What is going on with Miami Beach?


OMG!!! I've seen that guy hanging around the gate! Did you ever talk to the drunk guy with the accent who says he's the GM! He tries the same thing!!! I SMELL REALITY SHOW AT THE VERSACE MANSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I walked by today and couldn't believe it. They had a girl on the street trying to lure people in to the tour. What's next, they wrap food in cellophane like the rest of Ocean Drive


What bothers me most is not the poneytail gross guy it's the cheap girls that sell off their integrity to get into the house. He is sooooo gross that I would not even consider lowering my standards to see Casa (which I have numerous times. What is the owner thinking allowing this guy to belittle his beautiful home. Yuck.
Miami and the bimbos that live in it need to get their heads on straight and hold some standards in life.....


I heard the most recent general manager was taken out in handcuffs!!!! What is that about!?! Apparantly they have had like 5 GMs this year. And I've met a couple people that worked there and they had nothing good to say except that the house is beautiful. Poor Casa Casuarina, Versace is rolling over in his grave!!!I don't know the owner but if he's inbred redneck... well that is like the total opposite of what that house stands for. No one even knows his name, everyone goes to see it because of Versace. Plus I was told the house is 80 years old, so there must have been a rich history even before Versace. I hope the people running it now don't run it into the ground. I still want to see it, but out of principle I won't pay $50 for a cheap tour. Just doesn't seem right. And that is so not the south beach style. We like to feel glamorous and special, not general, and def not redneck!

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