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July 18, 2008

A-Rod, "Just Like Peter Cook"?

Bathing suits are good and all, especially when they cost several  hundred dollars and can only fit stick figures, but it seems that not too many people care as much about bikinis as they do this whole A-Rod Madonna hype. And while we've been rather reticent on the subject, we figured it was 01_arodmadonna_lga good enough time to throw in our two cents on the matter since everyone seems to think we know. We don't, but here's what we think, or don't think, rather: We don't think Madonna and A-Rod had a sexual affair. At all. Sure, he was probably smitten--who wouldn't be with a pop icon who looks better at 50 than she did at 25? And sure, she probably touted the virtues of Kabbalah and he may have bitten. Not to mention all this scandal may help sell out stadiums when Madonna hits the road this fall. But besides that we just don't think they've done it--yet. We know Madge's BFF Ingrid Casares is BFF with A-Rod and we'd seen Casares and the baller out a lot together last season--from the now defunct Social Miami at Sagamore to Jeffrey Soffer's big b-day bash cum Prince concert at the Opa Locka Airport. Sometimes with soon-to-be ex Cynthia, sometimes without. We saw A-Rod and Cynthia at the big Bay Point fundraiser at the Ritz Carlton South Beach just before Cynthia was about to pop out their child. We also saw Cynthia give Pamela Anderson dirty looks (and Pammy returning them back to her--see photo) for flirting with her hubby. We just think, and that's all we can do is think, that the whole Madge thing was just a grand excuse for Cynthia to finally, officially break the ties that bound her, ties that have allegedly been broken by her hubby in the past. According to Cynthia's friend, this is it, though. She's done for good. "Cynthia is NOT taking him back. Cynthia despises Alex now and he will be very sorry for what he did. Just like Peter Cook." We shall see.Blackandersonrodriguezrodriguez