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June 15, 2008

Jenna Jameson Ate A Cookie

Nrfl061408a_22 Nrfl061408a_27 Nrfl061408a_30 Nrfl061408a_40 Jenna Jameson hosted Pangea's 5th Annual Lingerie Party last night. Here below are some photos of her with beau Tito OrtizNrfl061408a_42. Pretty unremarkable except, perhaps, she may have eaten a cookie somewhere recently as she isn't nearly as malnourished looking as she was a few months ago. And she hopes to get even bigger. Our colleague Roberto Santiago was there and she told him she and her Ortiz are trying to have a baby. "It's the most important thing I want in my life right now, to have a baby, become a full-time mother, and live my life forever with Tito,'' said Jameson, 34. Jameson said that Ortiz has helped her overcome her devastating divorce, which she said crippled her emotionally, physically, and financially. "Some people, when they are depressed and in pain, over eat, I just stopped eating, and I'm Italian and I love food,'' said Jameson, who said her weight went down as low as 95 pounds. "I am 105 pounds now with my goal weight being 120." Jameson joked she hopes that pregnancy will help spike her appetite

Photos: Ralph Notaro/NDM Images