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June 20, 2008

Hey, Caruso: Got Headshots?

Horatio460_5 CSI:Miami star David Caruso was at the Adrienne Arsht Center last night, sharing a can of Pilon Extreme Espresso with someone who did not look like his (ex?) girlfriend and baby momma, Liza Marquez. We think it was his new galpal, actress  extra Amina Islam. Caruso was there to see Celia: The Life and Music of Celia Cruz, but before the peformance started, the CSI star walked out of the bathroom, whipped out a headshot, signed it, and gave it to a pretty girl before walking into the theater. Caruso left during intermission. We wonder what, exactly, he wrote on his mug shot and if the "pretty girl" left during intermission as well. This calls for an investigation. Ok, to Caruso's crazy Austrian stalker, who took my words and twisted them, to say the least: it was a joke. He did not do anything but give an autograph to a fan.


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Sounds like someone has too much time on their hands. Why is it anyone's business that he gave an autographed photo to someone, pretty or not. He gives them out to anyone who may want one. Also, lots of people leave during intermission. Why does that seem so strange? It seems to me that someone is trying to discredit him. True, he is not a saint, but let him be. How would you feel if someone was analizing everything you did in your life?


oh please. so what?


Caruso's Austrian stalker, who remains on the lam after fleeing to avoid prosecution in April, has already taken your comment, twisted it and posted her version of it on multiple sites. She has added her outrageous speculation that Caruso ALLEGEDLY had sex with the woman you refer to.

What David Caruso does in his personal life is really no one's business but his. And posting the type of comment you did was at best irresponsible.



Shut up!!! OMG. That's horrible


Sarakanne remains at large, considered to have a dangerous mouth


I feel bad if the crazy stalker took my words out of context. Frankly I didn't realize CAruso had that big a following either! Interesting.


oh,did she already arrive on this site to bother people, figures it was only a matter of time. sarakanne's mouth is only dangerous because she speaks the truth.


who is this sarakanne??!!


Too late Lesley..... Why in front of the bathroom?

Sarakanne is considered armed and dangerous with too much of an imagination...


Well, it comes a bit late and frankly is not very beliveable. Sorry Lesie, Caruso obviously knows no shame!


I see you are referring to Lesley's comment about you vixen. Obviously, you have no shame when it comes to twisting around the words of others to make it suit you.


Thanks Lesley for posting the update.


Well, the cat is out of the bag. Typical Sarakanne - much ado about nothing.


Read my post again - It says " we don't want to insinuate anthying". It is not my problem if your fantasy works overtime...shrug


Was it Amina Islamor not? I mean as a gossip columnist you should at least know the players right? And the difference between an actor and a mere background extra. I still have to see Amina Islam credentials yet.


YOU have to see Amina's credentials? I seriously doubt Amina (or anyone) owes YOU anything.
What difference does it make to you whether she's an 'actress' or an 'extra' or an office clerk or a waitress?
Lesley couldn't possibly keep all the players straight. It's hard enough to put a name to the better known ones.

Vixen, sweet cheeks, you don't "insinuate"; you plant seeds. Dozens and dozens of them, everywhere you go. Then you tend your little garden of gossip, watching with delight as the fruits of your labor take on a life of their own. That's what a gossipwhore does. You do it so very well.


The difference between a real actress and a background extra is huge. One thing is talent.
I think, until we find anything "credential of Caruso's new toy/bed's bunny/AlQuaida-chick, she will be history already.

Freedom of speech. The original post will remain out there until proven otherwise. I just copied and pasted the original. The corrections are a little bit too late and too little. And besides, what kind of columnist changes a post just because somebody suggests to do so. Fishy.

She doesn't even know FOR SURE if it was Amina at all that was there with Caruso before he vanished for his loo-date.


Besides, as a columnist she very well should know who is who. Of course, a little unknown bed toy like Amina Islam - we have to admit is hard to know any of the background extras who don't even get credit. But then, who knows if it EVEn was Amina at all. Hence, the date with the fan?


hi lesley!

these people are nuttier than squirrel doody

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