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June 04, 2008

Got Gossip?

08escape_boredom2 We don't either. Just checking.


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Jo Webnar

I have gossip about a great local writer in the Keys. The book is "Saving Tampa" and everyone is talking about it.
The heroine is a psychic and people are discussing if the real FBI would believe anything a psychic reported to Homeland Security.
For the last month several cars have magnets on their doors promoting the book. The local author, Jo Webnar, will be signing books and discussing the plot at Moore Books 103 Bay Side in Key Largo on June 14th from noon to 2 PM. For more information about the book or the author, go to www.jowebnar.com


Thanks! the link isn't working




That's because the period after the link got hyperlinked, too. Copy/paste the address sans period and voila.


I just saw the chubby guy who owns Little Director at the Sandwich Qbano building walking down the sidewalk. I think it was Yul Brynner.


That man is a dog hater..he screams when dogs pee on the bushes outside that joint. Who goes there?

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