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June 04, 2008

Enri-eeek--que Iglesias

Enrique_iglesias_180 So Enrique Iglesias held a press conference today at Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita--which actually sounds like the title of a future hit for the comely singer. 'Twas biz as usual--you know, questions asked about his impending marriage to Anna Kournikova--his answer was "not yet," and plugging his new album---until his BMW managed to cruise over the left foot of photographer Lenny Furman. Wire Image caught it all. And while it wasn't a Britney-caliber trainwreck, Iglesias did feel badly enough to stop and ask Furman if  he was ok. Furman, who tells us he spoke with a lawyer who insisted on him getting his limp left foot checked out  by a doc, said "Enrique was very nice. He kept asking if I was alright--but he left anyway." The photo here is Furman's--the one he took as the car was crushing his foot. What's so funny, Enrique?!


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What was the press conference for? He seems to have been on the down low lately.


some new album of his--or a new single..


his english album insomniac did not sell well in the USA therefore he's back making
album in spanish.


If Furman hadn't crowded the car, this wouldn't have happened. What was he standing in front of the car for? Paparazzi don't know boundaries. They make a pest out of themselves and put innocent people in harm's way. I have no sympathy for them. Now he's milking it for publicity and you're giving it to him!

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