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June 20, 2008

CSI: Caruso Stalker Investigation

Vixen So apparently our seemingly benign post about David Caruso, the headshot and the Adrienne Arsht Center last night has created quite a stir, especially with Caruso's alleged stalker.

One of our readers sent us the following message. Take it for what it's worth and stalker beware!

Dear Lesley,

I read your blog about David Caruso and left a rather terse comment. I am writing to apologize as I did not mean to attack you personally.

You may or may not be aware, but David Caruso has a real life stalker who has threatened to murder him, his daughter Greta and his former companion Liza Marquez. She was indicted summer 2007, fled Austria prior to her arraignment and was eventually located in Mexico along with the help of the FBI.

In April, 2008, this woman was scheduled to be tried on these charges and she again fled the country. The Miami Herald reported on this story when it happened.

While on the lam, the woman (identified by 2 news services as "Gabriele Huber") spends her time slandering and posting her hatred of David Caruso. Caruso apparently rejected this woman's overtures a couple years back when she followed him to a Miami restaurant where she approached him with an offer of sex. After her capture last year, US Immigration and Nat. will not allow the woman to gain entry to the US.

Following Caruso's rejection, this woman waged an Internet hate campaign which has been going on for nearly 2 years. She bombards any site that mentions the words "David Caruso" with disparaging comments. She maintains multiple blogs of her own where she posts hatred of the actor.

I maintain a blog that chronicles the activities of this very sick individual and tries to keep the Internet public informed about her slanderous posts. If you so desire, you can visit it at:


Sara Kanne