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May 15, 2008

The Devil Hates Frizz

Windows1252bsu1hmdaznzuuanbn Windows1252bsu1hmdaznzyuanbn The Chanel fashion show at The Raleigh was a splashy spectacle of stilettos, still lifes--er, models, random celebrities---a very leggy Anna Kournikova, Zoe Kravitz, Lenny's and Lisa Bonet's daughter grooving to a Prince song, Diane Kruger, Joana Preiss and Anna Mouglalis---- and socialites---some actually sporting vintage Chanel tweed and wool coats. Although we are definitely suffering the effects of second hand Silicone, Botox and Saline overload, it was a lovely affair, or as Vogue editrex Anna Wintour put it, "very chic," which either meant just that or was her polite way of saying she's seen better. The show itself got mixed reviews from fashionistas, some who loved and some who loathed the couture label's cruise collection which ranged from sleek and minimalist to razzly dazzly numbers you'd almost expect to see on a Carnival Fun Ship.

Regardless, the real star of the night was The Raleigh pool (and the synchronized swimmers who splashed in it at the show's finale), on and around which a runway snaked and catatonic, cloneish  models sashayed. We sat behind Wintour, whose pate may resemble a bobble-head, but didn't move the entire time. Not a hair swayed with the ocean breezes. Perhaps because earlier today she requested Oribe to do her coif. When Oribe said he was unavailable, he had a local pinch hitter, Duber Osorio, fill in. Wintour apparently was so pleased she is returning to the salon tomorrow before she jets back off to Gotham. Osorio was thrilled to work with the fashion icon and told us, " Believe it or not I didn't use any hair product, just a touch of  hairspray to take care of the fly aways. And contrary to what everybody thinks, she was pleasant and very nice the whole time."

While Wintour's hair remained firmly in place, the Kaiser himself, Karl Lagerfeld moved and shook away from the hoi polloi, which was busy indulging in deelish fare from Touch catering and bottomless glasses of Perrier Jouet, in a heavily guarded cabana and then in an even more heavily guarded Martini Bar. Towards the end of the party, Lagerfeld made his way out back, where he observed Raleigh owner Andre Balazs cutting it up on the sand to the theme from Dirty Dancing.

And while Wintour may not necessarily have had the time of her life, she did make a pit stop in the lobby, wishing Lagerfeld a good night with the requisite air kiss before retiring to her suite, all the while not a hair moving out of place. We wish we could be there in the morning to see if she suffers from bed head, but it would probably be a waste of a trip. Meanwhile 90 jet setters, Euros and Chanel groupies flown in for the event are all checking out of the hotel in the morning, but they better do so before the entire Raleigh staff is summoned to retrieve Lagerfeld's stash of multiple Chanel trunks. "You'd think he was staying here for a few months," remarked one staffer.

And as for Wintour's devilish reputation? We felt her chill at first when she breezed by us, sans entourage, and had us frozen in our tracks. She'd be an ideal remedy for a Miami heat wave, that's for sure. That said, she was characteristically aloof, but when approached by those who dared, uncharacteristically nice to everyone--at least the journalists, and to be  honest, that was kind of a buzz kill for those of us who were kind of expecting and hoping she'd be a raging b-tch, especially in this humidity. Then again, she had good hair. Perhaps things would have been different if she'd experienced the wrath of Miami's ruthless, silent mood killer known as the frizzies.