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May 20, 2008

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Bonodrag_e_742644eb773fdd467f65edf0 A picture plastered all over European tabloids! Check out Miami's own Elaine Lancaster and Bono at the Vanity Fair Cannes Film Festival party.

Picture from our friends at  Now Magazine, UK.


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I mean really, Miss Thing. You are going to Cannes and you wore that???


Bahahah Miss Y, what's up? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Missing Jen and John! Please, deliver us a new script!


Miss Y, remember we complained like whiny babies when they were here? Enjoy the silence!!!


Yes! You are right! But aren't we ready for some noise MIAMI ????? YEAH YEAH!


there should be a lot of noise this weekend its hip hop festival weekend in the beach right?


Lots of noise indeed!


looks like her treasure troll!



Elaine Lancaster seen with my Idol!! She f**king Rocks....
I'm going to get a wig so I can roll like she does, First F***ing
CLASS all the way Baby.... Take Notes you other half assed Queens!!


Carlo you are a mess if you like Elaine Lancaster and Bono is your idol. And, 'Queens' is offensive to the gay community, Being a Lesbian - I am VERY upset.


Listen you gap lapper...Bono is at least spreading love & Elaine is a tireless worker for Miami & Charities nationally & Internationally what does Yip do except spread her..........(.that too) HATE?? Your jealous because they are known all over the world for good deeds & nobody even cares who or what the F*ck you are. Crawl back in your cave.


Carlos - You sound like one of those cha cha queens that hangs out at Buck 15. So watch out. You never know when I may sneak upstairs with my power chop sticks and poke out your eyeballs. UMMMMM. MISS. YIP !


Bring it on STREET TRASH......Yo Mama & Pappi must be proud if you even know your pappi..Ho.
Ghetto is your thang. Thats good strive for the mountains.

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