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April 25, 2008

New Couple Alert: Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer?

John_mayer 1jenbikinkadena_468x392 Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer were just spotted all cozy in a booth at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink. They came in at 3:30---the resto closes for lunch at 3, but when you're a star anything's possible and the kitchen was reopened just for them. Says our source, they were sitting across from one another and,for those who must know these things, Mayer had Serrano Ham Sandwich (which Aniston took a bite of) while she had chopped salad with chicken. They also shared the Candy Bar dessert-- dark chocolate, peanut butter, more chocolate. While there may be no such thing as a free lunch, this one sure sounds suspicious to us, too, unless they're both clients of, say, It's Just Lunch, that benign matchmaking company that feeds lonely hearts. But it's never really "just lunch", especially when you're both tabloid fixtures, right? Says our source, "They were across from each other but were face to face---very close to each other's faces, clearly having private conversations." They left around 5:20 p.m. and, according to our source, "It sure looked like they were on a date." Hmm, eating in a restaurant that's not open to the public, sharing bites of sandwiches and a cutesy, sweet dessert? Sure sounds like a date to us. And eureka! According to reader David, the duo was seen walking away from Genius Jones (the ki's clothing store) a little after five. "They were arm in arm with a bald security guy ten steps behind them. They were definitely on a date and they had no idea anyone was watching because thse street was near empty." Busted! Update: On Friday night, Mayer and Aniston had dinner at Casa Tua. And on another note, Perez Hilton's nomenclature will finally come to fruition if, indeed, the duo make it past the three date mark. Mayer+Aniston=Maniston. Or, as someone else suggested, AniMayer, which we think is too much of a mouthful.

On another note, we also happen to think Aniston should date her charming security detail, Scott. Jen, he's right under your nose. What are you waiting for?

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Who gives a piece of cow dung where they're eating and what they're having. This is your job? To report things like this? Wow.


Matt, what, they ate cow dung, too? Cool, I'll make sure to update that. The fans will be thrilled to know.


Matt, you must give a piece of cow dung about the couple,after all, You read the article! Where can I come to collect?


i care!


Sorry - but I'd believe this one only with a picture.


Could this be an Ashton Punk Fiction episode???Got any pics of them together?


I thought Perez Hilton was more his type. LOL.


it's true! we saw them walking away from Genius Jones in the design district around 10 past 5! and might i add, they were arm and arm with a bald security guy 10 steps behind them

Dan M

Good one, Stella. I was thinking the same thing about Matty. He is either a troll or a troublemaker. This is a gossip column. He must get his news from The Onion.


Arm and arm as in linked arms or just next to each other?


arm and arm. def on a date. they had no idea anyone was watching. street was near empty.


Someone needs to get some pics of the couple...soon...


Teah--no one has snapped them yet!! We're waiting for some pix but they're being very stealthy!


We must be more high tech in Central Florida. Doesn't anyone in the south own a camera phone?

Shopping at Publix on Brickell

Saw John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston at Publix in Brickell today at 1:30 pm. A few othe people with them as well.


Interesting on the Publix, were they all lovey dovey?


Someone got a pic of them last night but I hear it's terrible..


Spotted at the Mandarin pool: Lesley and Matt from Splash News having a drink at the bar, and escorted out.


Scott, you make an excellent escort. Thank you very much and I will see you soon! Don't forget the sunscreen..the sun is brutal! Have a great weekend!


And btw, Scott, you did not escort us out! We left because we were, frankly, bored! But did you happen to escort the actual paps out? A good source tells me several are staking things out from a room there! Go get em!


Umm...okay loser...why are you reading this blog if you think it's so meaningless?


I was referencing "Matt" btw.


Just getting up to speed...I can't believe how People ripped off your scoop on Mayer and Aniston! They really should have referenced the fact that it was posted here first!


Now your cooking with gas in the kitchen....

just when you think nothing is going on, you got JT eating my favorite deli!

Way to go Lesley.


You think Mayer gave her a golden shower yet? LMAO. Aniston's with Jessica Simpson's leftovers.


Lesley-did you sell your story to People magazine?


Total plant by Maniston for attention. I'm actually embarrassed for her. Mayer? He made out with Perez Hilton. Nuff said


Who has the picture?


Still no pictures. I say a big to do about nothing.


Nope, People took the story and ran with it..no credit, not even to the Miami Herald...go figure...the nature of the beast, I guess, but not cool..I saw some pix from Casa Tua but they were all blurry....many people are saying it's all a facade, but I was thinking that Mayer's in town for Sheryl Crow at Sunfest on Wenesday and since Crow and Aniston are BFF, a little hooky hook for the weekend with Mayer went on..but who knows.


Sorry Lesley that People stole your stuff with no credit whatsoever. And folks think People is such a reputable rag. NOT.


She's sunk to an all time low if the whole thing is true. Back to the C list Jennifer


Lesley-People just put up an article about Vince flying into Miami Saturday.He and Owen partied at the same place John and Jennifer did Friday night.What's the scoop???


post the pics

Can you post the pictures you saw for the people who don't believe it?


Well lesley,
It becomes private property, when you stop becoming a customer, and decide to stalk and invade my clients privacy.... and turn in to a paparazzi and spy. As for me thinkng i am the mayor, well who needs to be the mayor when you have close friends in "high" places.....LOL....!!!


Looking forward to seeing you ....!!


Johnnifer. I like that one. LOL

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