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March 26, 2008

Straight Up, On the Rock Bands

Paulaabdul_crying Paula Abdul is crazy for fashion. The American Idol judge contacted Miami-based designer Lee Dahlberg to request celebrity-loved fashion accessory Rock Bands to be custom-made for the top 24 contestants on this year’s American Idol. After meeting at this year’s Super Bowl, the pop-star and American Idol judge fell in love with the brand and had to have them on the show. Dahlberg designed individual Rock Bands with the specific Idol contestants in mind, personally signing each band. The cuffs were worn by both finalists Ramiele Malubay (who we think is getting the axe tonight) and Brooke White on last week's show, and are set to appear in the remaining episodes of the season. Even after appearing on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch it seems Rock Bands might be facing their toughest judge yet, Simon Cowell.