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February 04, 2008

Snapple and South Beach to Blame for Sarah Silverman's Behavior

2075341When we reported a few months ago that Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon were filming a special, uh, tribute at the Delano for Silverman's boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel's 40th birthday party, we received a frantic call from an ABC publicist who pleaded with us not to publish it, because it was a surprise for Kimmel. We obliged, but what a surprise it was when the video, titled "I'm F*cking Matt Damon," aired on You Tube and got over 2 million views so far. Even more shocking is that Silverman hints that Snapple may have had something to do with her f*cking Damon. The folks at Snapple feel real bad about their role in the sordid affair and sent the following letter to Kimmel:

Hey Jimmy,

Heard that you found out about Sarah f*cking Matt Damon.  Sorry you had to find out that way and that my sublime flavor blinded you to Sarah's philandering ways.

In an attempt to console you, here's a whole lotta me for you to enjoy. Hopefully it will numb the pain. In fact, if your viewers want to share their girlfriend/boyfriend is f*cking someone else story on air , they can have a case of me too…

Anyway, keep your spirits up. It's not like she was f*cking Ben Affleck or anything. Now that would have been embarrassing.

Diet Snapple


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Diet Plum-a-granite is where it's at


What's been the reaction to this? Was it a joke? What did Jimmy Kimmel say? What did Matt Damon's wife have to say about it? Are they all good friends?


Jimmy has this thing he does every night on his show. He always says that Damon is was scheduled but they ran out of time. Its pretty funny that Sarah did this with Matt and even more shocking that Snapple would have it name on this type of bit.


Damon's wife filed for divorce

how brazen of Matt to do this to his wife in such a public way!

oh the humiliation!


Lane--are you serious??? This was all a big joke!!! Frankly I didn't realize Matt Damon had such a sense of humor!


-I- know it was a joke, -you- know it was a joke. Someone else above seemed concerned.


hehehehe. ready for idol? I am watching Super Tuesday tonight so may not do Idol..


Oy... Idol, super Tuesday and Biggest Loser all in the same night


come on watch Idol Lesley, HoCo's blog isn't the same without you

this Super Tuesday stuff is repetitive snoozing

at least till after 9


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