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February 28, 2008

Advice For Cheaters: Don't Forget to Hit the Delete Button

Guess_who_1Seems that a certain advice columnist for a certain newspaper forgot to take his/her own suggestions. A very inside source tells us said columnist, who doles out advice on love and sex, was busted cheating on his/her significant other with an assistant.  Apparently someone borrowed the columnist's digital camera and found some racy photos which were then shown to the columnist's significant other. "It's a major scandal," says our snoop, who added that  "A bitter and acrimonious breakup is about to reveal itself." Never mind advice---it's a known fact that one should never neglect the blessed 'delete' button. Hint: It's not the Advice Diva, either.


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Is this person in Miami?




hmm.... initials TS?


Wow. If it is, I guess that marriage and family conseling masters degree is really working out.


Was his/her "significant other" recently arrested on coke (cocaine not coca cola)charges???


It's so not who everyone thinks BUT it sure sounds like it, doesn't it?


Is Freddy already in hot water?


C'mon Tara ... it's sad to admit it, but you know that the faggot that shares your bed takes it up his a$$


By the way ... the part that is bolded got added to the original blog after Tara called the Herald

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