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January 16, 2008

Scott Storch On the Dead Beat

Scott_011Miami resident and music mogul Scott Storch is in some hot water, according to the mother of his one year-old son Jaleen. Dalene Daniel filed a complaint with the Miami Dade County Court, charging that Storch is behind on his $7,500 a month child support, missing this and last month's payments. Daniel claims Storch has been "habitually late" in paying support and accuses him of bouncing checks. Storch, it seems, has some serious financial issues. The NY Post reported on January 11 that he's in arrears on taxes to the state of Florida, with past due amounts on his Palm Island estate totaling $435,602 dating back to 2006. The Post also reported that a Miami art gallery owner paid Storch a visit to reclaim a $7,500 painting Storch hung on his wall but never paid for. Oddly enough, according to Forbes, Storch's 2006 income was estimated at $17 million---about $1.4 million a month.  So what gives? He doesn't, apparently.