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December 11, 2007

The Dolphins' Feast Is A Fan's Famine

ImagesWe received this report from a very miffed Dolphins fan, who saw some of the team having a fine time at Prime One Twelve last night.

I'm at Prime, and half the Miami Dolphins are here at a big table whooping it up having fun, like they have no idea they have a very real shot at being the worst team in the history of pro football. While they feast on the most decadent platters of seafood I've ever seen served at Prime, they are totally unfazed by the fact that their team means so much to so many people "regular" people down here. They are a part of a great American tradition that so many really care passionately about. Folks that would have to save a year for a meal like that....they need to think a bit about where they came from!



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I hate fans like this. What are they suppose to do? Sit home and sulk? Football is their job. Do you become a shut in when your company is not doing well? I would guess not.


Fat Cats don't fight,people are human you have money and fame and you are young you lose the hunger unless you are a true champion and there are very few of those. It is like a lotto winner except they had to work hard to get there but now they are there so there is no fire. Too much temptation in MIA for those guys, imagine it is hard to focus as a regular person here everything is about the sex and party.


Lesley, I don't know whether to blame the knucklehead who wrote that or you for posting it but I think we've just identified the dumbest post ever to appear in your blog.


But Stan, that was the point! wink.


Stan, You know what is dumber is our society allowing thugs to make millions of dollars to play a game, that's dumb


bread and water for all fins players until they win a game!!

Poor original poster, he only got the crappy semi-decadent seafood platter at the best steakhouse in So Fla. Preferential treatment I tells ya!

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