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November 30, 2007

Toro, Toro! (And Teens at The Forge)

ImagesBenicio Del Toro was at Rokbar last night with Mickey Rourke. Says one snoop, "The two arrived and made a b-line for the bar, where they began a night of debauchery with shots of tequila." Del Toro then downed some Jack and Cokes while Rourke opted for beer. "They were seen with some of the scantily clad Rokbar waitresses, dancing until four in the morning," says the snoop.

Vqescay5knlkca014gw6cae3w0docaj0e1j Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Brooke Hogan at The Forge, dancing her family strife away with teenage best friend Amber Ridinger. "The two jumped on stage with DJ Irie and danced along with the crowd." Ridinger is, like, 15. Shouldn't she be home playing with Bratz dolls?