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November 09, 2007

Shaq and Shaunie Head for Splitsville

Images_3 Sigh. And we thought they'd make it. At any rate, TMZ.com got a hold of papers filed by Shaunie O'Neal to find out how much money, exactly, Shaq brings in. The seven page document, "Wife's First Request For Production To Husband," was filed on October 27th and requests copies of federal and state income tax returns, Shaq's current player contract with the Miami Heat, a copy of ever deed of all property owned, a copy of each life insurance policy, payroll tax returns for all household employees at the Star Island  manse, trust documents, household expenses for Miami and Orlando, canceled checks for cell phone service, food and home supplies, meals outside the home, nanny salaries, chef salaries, W-2 forms, automobile expenses, childcare--including lunch money, orthodontic expenses, shrink appointments, summer camp and grooming--and pet expenses. There's more! All documents relating to the couple's 2007 Infiniti QX56, 2006 Mercedes 500, 2005 BMW, electric golf cart and their Epicure and Publix accounts. We can't wait to get the official tally.