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November 01, 2007

Mickey Rourke's Two Timing Bites

ImagesSo Mickey Rourke walks into Mokai last night with a "hot blonde," says our spy. Rourke heads to the bar where he is spotted by the woman he was with the night before. Said woman walks over to Rourke, says hello and bites him on the face. Rourke was bleeding, iw, so security grabbed the woman and threw her out of the club. Rourke cleaned his wounds and continued partying with the blonde. Another excuse for Rourke to undergo yet another plastic surgery.


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Appropriately a vampire attacks Mickey Rourke in South Beach on Halloween night.

I guess the cross tattoo he has didn't help.


I saw him at the delano last week, does he act anymore?? Does he still have loot from his old days?


He still acts. You should see "Sin City". He was great in it. Alot of heavy make-up was used to make him even more a monster.


I know who is the women! she was the best !! that day! he is a mother fucker!! he likes to play with bitchs! but he was wrong this time!! she is a Fitness Profesional , her name is Alejandra! a very nice girl!!


Hey there! I know who is the Fitness pro..
lol..alejandra abdala .com
she is hot! beautiful body! she train in Sobe, is a lady!


WoooWWW!!! haa ..Alejandra abdala ? Mickey Rourke? lololo..YES! walking around Lincoln Road , she is sexy !!


I thought Mickey adopted biters.


I saw Mickey with Alejandra again! where? lol...around Miami,,,


Mickey meet Alejandra all the time !! lolol
I think they have strong atracction!! lolo

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