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November 11, 2007

It Wasn't Easy But Sharon Stone Made Many A Wish Come True

Windows1252bsu1hmdaxoduuanbn Maw_tsm_82 A stunning Sharon Stone charmed the starstruck crowd at the Make-a-Wish gala at the Hotel InterContinental last night--especially when she put on her best Hollywood face and called the monied crowd cheap after a struggle to collect high bids during a live auction. Despite the pulling teeth aspect, Stone, who gave a moving, Oscar-worthy speech about her experience with sick children in her work as an AmFar crusader, managed to pull out a massive tally--something like triple what was raised last year thanks to the sales of two Ferraris at $240,000 each, and Stone's own Rolls Royce, which went to lawyer and fundraiser Jim Ferraro for about $160,000. The InterContinental Make-A-Wish Ball net $1.5 million this year--- a huge jump from the $900,000 it raised last year. When she wasn't hitting up the crowd for cash, Stone mingled with friend and gala chairman Shareef Malnik and even posed for pix with pushier folk, including this blogger, who told the actress how stunning she looked and wished her luck with the tough crowd. "Oh, don't you worry," she laughed. When one man approached the actress saying he'd love to discuss the finer points of Basic Instinct, she smiled and said, "Um, let's not," as she moved on to work the crowd. Meanwhile, those with a more critical eye were more focused on Stone's skin tight unitard number. "The word is out that Sharon Stone has camel toe," said one ball-er, who hadn't yet seen the actress. Tough crowd, indeed.

Photo, right: Manny Hernandez 


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Why would you print something like "she has cametoe" after you just went up to her TRYING to get on her goodside by sucking up to her for a picture, telling her how good she looked and wishing her good luck with tough crowd. Sounds like sour grapes on your part. Dont be a playa hater.


Jill, Jill.....we must report all sides of the story....


I was at the event & it was horrible... Sharon Stone was pushing another charity & was not interested in Make-A-Wish. A poor performance & a waste of time. Rene Ruiz was a highlight & he was treated poorly by her.


Hey, GG: I was there too..I thought she did a good job getting money out of the crowd ..she did mention her work with AmFar but that's what she's known for...anyway what did she do to Rene??


The last 3 "live" auctions were cut short. Her car was the longest item... it was all about her. Rene's auction was was cut so short... very poorly done. Money flows at that event regardless...


i thought the auction was painfully endless...but bottom line is, you're right, at least the money flowed...

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