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November 06, 2007

Is Ludacris on Pacific Time?

ImagesSpotted on Lincoln Road yesterday looking at the much lamented Pacific Time restaurant: Ludacris, with a friend and two bodyguards. Says our spy, "It seemed like he was discussing the design of the space." Hmmm.


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When did Pacific Time close? I heard also that Cafeteria closed. What's wrong on Lincoln Road that they are all closing?


PT closed a few months ago--the rent was too oppressive for Jonathan Eismann. Cafeteria closed shortly thereafter. All the cool spaces are being turned into chain stores--the only ones that can afford the rent. A real pity, isn't it? Anyway, on a lighter note, I heard Eismann is looking to open a new restaurant in the Design District..

bernard eismann

Pacific Time and chef owner Jonathan Eismann now in Miami's design District--at 35 NE 40th St--tel:305-722-7369. Great menu, great space--opens to the public May 20th.

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