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October 03, 2007

Rodman and Woman?

Rodmania_2Rebound record holder Dennis Rodman and high hair holder Elaine Lancaster are throwing a massive bash on October 26. Stay tuned info on what is being billed as Rodmania....Scan_7103224211_1_2 Mania, indeed.

Grace Jones or D.Rod?


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I'm assuming they'll be at "Rodman's Rehab" in Fort Lauderdale. I've seen the grusome twosome there before.

Star gazer

One can never really ever predict what this Elaine Lancaster person is up to. And just how does she/he have all these star pals? And why isn't he/she famous yet? I heard there is a shocking tell all book coming out written by Elaine.

Wild thang

Well we have learned never to try & predict what that Dennis Rodman or Elaine Lancaster are up to...Don't be BLUE little BOY because you lost your TOY!!!! Star Gazer you will be when the Star of Miss Lancaster is White HOT & shinning from the TOP!!!!

Cool Mike



Elaine Lancaster is still a Hollywood Beauty and why she lets that Dennis hang around i will never know...Go Miss Elaine you keep doing it>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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