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October 03, 2007

Prime One Twelve Tidbits

B33lca8ufthecag1hbozcaij9e61ca4k7z0 It's always an event at SoFi steakhouse Prime One Twelve. Especially when an ex Soviet president is in the house. As we reported, Mikhail Gorbachev was dining at the steakhouse for lunch yesterday, and now details are emerging about his hearty appetite. Eating with his grandchildren, Gorby ordered pasta----which isn't on the menu. Instead of turning down his request, as we're sure they would have if, say, you or I would make such a demand, staff ran out and bought some pasta and cooked it for him in their pasta-less kitchen. Cold war averted. Perhaps Prime One Twelve can broker peace in the Middle East?

Over the weekend, Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell--again, no Paula Abdul, sat at one big table, where, according to our steak-source, "Simon was getting so harassed by fans they had to move their table outside." We'd be willing to bet Simon moved outside so he could smoke. You know he loves the attention.