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October 17, 2007

Kid Rock vs. Tommy Lee or Cameo vs. Mansion?

ImagesSo Cameo's got Kid Rock tomorrow night and, interestingly, on October 27, Mansion has his arch nemesis, Tommy Lee, who, along with DJ Aero, will present a live audio and visual set with "dirty electro house music." We'd rather see a boxing match between the two, along with a pre-match with Cameo's bigwigs vs. Mansion's.


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Let me know when Pamela Anderson (without her dopey ex husbands) comes down.

That's an event I'd show up for.


You want Pam with her latest hubby or without? Scratch that, actually. I'm sure they'll be divorced by the time I click the "post" button....


Yo, I've been to see Tommy Lee dj with DJ Aero and they are really sick in that they put on a FUN-FUN-FUN party! What the hell has "kid pebble" done lately? Who cares? Tommy's working his butt off so cut the guy (Tommy Lee) some slack would ya?!?!

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