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October 01, 2007


Images_4American Idol judges and Ryan Seacrest were all over Miami this past weekend. Here's a blotter of their wherabouts and assorted activities:

****Jackson and Cowell arrived at Miami International Airport like high rollers. Sources tell us the twosome shared a private jet from LA on Thursday night. They were then whisked away to Casa Casuarina, where spies tell us that Cowell marveled in the Italian Suite,  the former bedroom of Gianni Versace. At $4500.00 a night, it’s quite the marvel.

****On Friday night, Jackson hosted a “boys night” at Cameo – where the Idol judge was a guest DJ. Our spies tell us that Randy played  remix of Paula Abdul’s hit song ‘Opposites Attract.” Other sources at the Heineken Light sponsored bash tell us that Ryan Seacrest and Jackson had a bevy of beautiful women surrounding them. “It was a like a cheerleading squad,” says our amused source. However, source also tells us Simon Cowell was on his best behavior - and stayed clear of any and all of the buxom blondes bombarding him.

****On Saturday a groggy Jackson went shopping at the Atrium boutique on Collins Ave. Our secret shopper says he picked up two pairs of Rock N Republic Jeans but didn't manage to catch a glimpse of the size.

****On Sunday night, Jackson and Seacrest were spotted toying around in the kitchen at Macaluso's. Something about the size of those meatballs always attracts the A-list.

****At SET on Sunday night, Randy, Simon, Paula and Seacrest relaxed together at a table in front of the fireplace in a rare evening group outing, letting loose after a full weekend of auditions. Don't believe the rumors of tension between Cowell and Abdul-----they were toasting with Belvedere and Sapporo and, says a spy, "chattign happily and giddily amongst themselves."

All in all, an eventful weekend. No wonder they're all so cranky in the auditions!