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October 17, 2007

Hey, Jude! Julian Lennon Moving to South Beach

JulianlennonThe Bee Gees have been our  neighbors forever, but moving into the 'hood very soon is a Beatle--or at least the son of a Beatle, John Lennon's, specifically. That's right, Julian Lennon just bought a private residence at The Ritz Carlton Club and Residences on South Beach. Lennon, we're told, is working on a sixth album release and plans to split his time between South Beach and Europe. His South Beach pad is swank: an 1800 square foot, two bedroom, three bath with an ocean view. Welcome to the 'hood, Jude!


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there goes the neighborhood


Julian, you have no shawdow over you. You are your own person! You do look like your parents, but best of all you are just you. Looking good with the tan.


Julian watch out for the hurricanes! I love you! Don't know why you wanted to hurt me along with others. How you could stay and watch and not help me is difficult for me to understand!Also hard for me to live with since I never did anything bad to you. I hope you will feel regrets someday. Be my friend, I want to put closure to bad memories. But thank- you for the times you were kind to me,I remember those times also. I am not your enemy. I love you and your music and your photos . I wish the fans could seethem and not just VIPS.I would have loved to have seen them. Remember Jesus first.

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