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October 30, 2007

Calling All Freaks

Images_3 Auditions are back on for Spiegelworld's Gazillionaire Late Nite Lounge, premiering January 4 at Collins Park. An open call is on for Monday, November 5 from 7pm-11pm at Camposition Studio on the 2nd floor of Little Havana's Edificio Jose Marti Building. Flying in for the auditions are Spiegelworld producer Ross Mollison, the Gazillionaire himself, Voki Kalfayan and his assistant Anais Thomassian, known to her fans as Penny, whose band Fish Circus will be providing the music for the show. Sound wacky enough for you? Keep reading. Sought are a mix of the most "bizarre, despicable, hilarious acts, including but not limited to the following:

Jugglers, clowns, midgets, pinheads, Lilliputians, pregnant sword swallowers or lap dancers, half men, half women, blockheads, washed up former child stars especially from TV, bearded women and children, trannies or post ops, cheerleaders, coneheads, breakdancers, hermaphrodites, drag queens, kings, pyro eaters, strippers, and well, you get the idea.