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September 28, 2007

Shaq Scouts for a Bachelor Pad; Bruckheimer Makes a Production On Ocean Drive

A soon-to-be-singleImages Shaquille O'Neal was seen scouting some pricey South Beach bachelor pads last week, looking for a new place to hang his  head in the wake of his split up with Shaunie. After house hunting high rises, Shaq hit Flamingo Park where he shot hoops with the locals . . . Over on Ocean Drive, producer Jerry Bruckheimer shut down an entire block to traffic, not for a movie, but for his own personal production----a huge crane was installing a new pool in his posh penthouse. We can't even stop traffic to hail a cab. Must be nice.


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Mayra Cuellar

It saddens me to hear that Shaquille and his wife are divorcing. Here's a couple who as outsider looking in seemed to "have it all", wealth, fame, health, good children, and yet they could not pull it off. I know that life goes on after a divorce for both people involved, but it's the children that never really quite recover, and is whom I really feel bad for. Hopefully, Mr and Mrs O'Neal are mature individuals and know how to handle this very delicate situation in the years to come.


Do you know which building Shaquille is looking to buy in? What building is Bruckheimer putting the pool in?
Do you know what building Star Jones and hubby are renting in?
Just curious...not a stalker.


I do but I can't reveal for privacy reasons...sorry!!


ok, I understand.


brickell on the river

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