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September 12, 2007

Post VMA Nonsense: The Swag Hags Edition

Images_3 As the dust settles from Britney's asteroid crash, we are getting little tidbits of VMA gossip that didn't involve that particular disaster. It seems that The Star Lounge, a swag suite at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, was quite the hot spot. In fact, Jessica's dad, Joe Simpson, who got knocked out of the Rolling Stone poker tourney at the Hard Rock so fast, fled to the Star Lounge, where he drank his sorrows away with Patron Gran Platinum--and then took a full bottle home with him. Brody Jenner was at Star Lounge, too, picking out several Laura Geller makeup samples "allegedly for all of his ladies," says a spy, who adds, "but could it just  be to maintain his own good looks?" Paris Hilton was also there, hanging out with Vegas sideshow star Jeff Beacher, while her ex, Josh Henderson was busy shopping around for swag. Despite the rap wars, Ludacris and Nelly showed a softer side by shopping for Ginch Gonch undies and supporting cancer research in the Patron Photo Booth. And finally, which Star Lounge brand rep was caught having sex in the spa bathroom with the married lead singer of a major rock band?   

Ludacrisdsc_0641 Brian_c_brody_jennerdsc_0983 Brody_jennerdsc_0975 Joe_simpsondsc_0452 Josh_hendersondsc_0041 Ludacris_nellyPhotos: Red Eye Productions